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    Why do they bounce Out of my site?
  • screenshot 2020-03-08 10.13.25.png
    why Aren't I ranking higher on Google?
  • screenshot 2020-03-08 10.13.10.png
    another marketing manager left!
  • screenshot 2020-03-08 10.13.44.png
    on hold with Tech Support... again?
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    Why are my revenues still dropping?
  • screenshot 2020-03-08 10.13.59.png
    Why am i still Losing out to my competitors!
how we helP
Marketing, Strategy, and Ad Campaigns

Reaching customers doesn't have to be difficult. Thanks to digital and Artificial Intelligence, you can reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time with minimal effort.


Digital is fast, it's personal, and it's pervasive. And there are a lot of moving parts! Most people who fail at digital marketing lack one critical factor: AN INTEGRATED ONLINE STRATEGY.

But don't worry, that's why we're here!

We've already done the research for you

Our Optimized Digital Pathways™ (ODPs) are comprehensive marketing campaigns that provide a seamless, start-to-finish experience for your audience. From their first discovery of your remarkable product, unique service, valuable content or world-changing mission... to becoming ardent brand advocates.

Our ODPs cover every step of your customer's journey to you, from Awareness through Interest, Purchase, and all the way to Retention and Brand Advocacy.

Each Optimized Digital Pathway runs through three basic phases:

Need a new website?
Get A Fresh Professional Site
in Just Days

Our AI-enhanced design process creates a professional, user-friendly and AFFORDABLE website in just a week.

REVIEWS & Recommendations

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    Nobody was visiting our Site

    “Our website was bloated and outdated, but we didn’t have the bandwidth to overhaul it. Instead, we just kept adding content, but it wasn't performing.

    Luminaite helped us realize we were wasting time and money creating content nobody was seeing.

    They created a streamlined promo-to-web conversion pathway that targeted our core customers. And they used what we had, saving us thousands in creative fees.

    Best of all, we saw increased traffic, click-throughs and sales insights right away.”

    Tom E.

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    We Were Paying Way Too Much

    “We were paying almost 400% more for to hit every channel: SEO, SEM, organic strategy and social media, But where was the ROI?

    We had less than 1,000 visitors a month, despite having a portfolio worth almost two hundred million dollars in B2B sales.

    Luminaite built us a new targeted site in less than a week that included SEO and a recommendation for campaign strategy.

    Now that we're getting all our channels in sync, we're seeing the whole system come together to track real progress and results with our first end-to-end campaign.”

    Karen M.

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    DIY updates Took too much time

    “I thought I'd be getting great service by going with a well-known agency.

    But they never had time for me. Even small changes to my site would take them 2-3 weeks.

    So I tried to do it myself. Ugh—what a nightmare! I spent so much time on tutorials and helplines—I was in over my head.

    Then Luminaite stepped in—and delivered in just days. Who knew a single perfect "landing-page campaign" could be so effective?

    It’s white-glove service, at a tenth of what I used to pay."

    Liz T.

Recent Clients Include:

Don't work harder,

Agile Marketing principles get you STARTED!

You don't have to settle for lackluster engagement.
A lot of marketers come up with a Big Idea or a Big Redesign—but leave the results to chance. They lack a cohesive strategy.

Our results-driven approach Is refreshingly different.
Thanks to AI and our agile workflows, we focus on ONE goal at a time, and create the Optimal Digital Pathway for you. It works, because it's backed by data-science and proven marketing techniques.

Every campaign is built to move the needle on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) you care most about. And AUTOMATION makes it easy—and repeatable—until you're satisfied. We hone in on what your customers want most from you and systematically remove the barriers, one by one.

Do you want more leads? More sales? Larger donations? More frequent transactions? What's your timeframe? Budget? Ad-spend? We'll deliver.

WE ARE LASER-FOCUSED on solutions that achieve your defined business goals, right from the start. Everything we create revolves around that!

Now isn't that a smarter way to work?

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What do a former Sony Pictures Entertainment executive, a serial entrepreneur with Ivy league marketing credentials, and a corporate marketing whiz with a growing $250M portfolio have in common? A driving passion to make DIGITAL MARKETING work for businesses who value results-driven strategies. Put diverse and trusted industry experience on speed-dial. We're ready to get started as your offsite marketing team!

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