How do you grow your coffee shop when a global pandemic HITS?
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"33% higher SALES than our best pre-COVID days!" - Caje, Santa Barbara, CA

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The Situation

Cajé is an upscale café in Santa Barbara, California that turns into a speakeasy bar at night. Their impressive menu has earned them rave reviews for specialty drinks like “The Burnout,” a breve latte with bourbon pecan syrup and activated charcoal, garnished with ginger salt, candied ginger, and a blackberry.

The Problem

With its red-tile roofs and surf-ready beaches, Santa Barbara is a scenic coastal town popular with both tourists and day trippers from Los Angeles. On average, the town sees an influx of more than 7.2 million visitors each year.

Despite the rave reviews, Cajé’s owners believed they were not seeing the foot traffic they should be getting. Contributing to the problem, visitors tend to congregate at the beaches and in the downtown promenade, and Cajé is off the beaten track. Additionally, there are a number of well-established competitors, including other highly rated local coffee roasters and national chains.

Luminaite was hired to solve their foot traffic problem and capture more of the market share Cajé was missing out on.

"LUMINAITE solved Our problem!"

The Solution

After a strategic analysis and some in-market testing, we were confident we could help them achieve their goals and set a plan in place. However, within a week of our campaign launch, Covid-19 hit California, causing severe restrictions on tourism and indoor dining.

Cajé is a 4th-wave coffee shop, and one of their differentiators is the sensual experience of gourmet lattes served in crystal cocktail glasses, and garnished with chocolates and fruits. With indoor dining closed, and most businesses shut down, the expectation was that Cajé would suffer a loss of business (one longstanding competitor in the downtown promenade closed permanently).

But instead of cancelling the campaign, our Luminaite team saw this as an opportunity. We pivoted our messaging, shifted ad spends, and used precise targeting to captivate new audiences using geofencing, email, social media, and display ads.

Within a week, traffic had increased to pre-covid levels, and within a month, we had achieved a new record for foot traffic that was 33% higher than Cajé’s all time record.

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Strategy and Ad Campaigns

While we can provide our products and services individually, what sets us apart from other agencies is our strategy and ad campaigns.

Most agencies look to you for strategy, and simply do what you tell them to. But marketing isn't your expertise, it's ours.

You wouldn't want us making your coffee, and you shouldn't be spending your time thinking about advertising and strategy.

That's our job.

We make sure you get the right message, to the right people, at the right time... so that your business grows the way it's supposed to.

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Our Optimized Digital Pathways™ (ODPs) are comprehensive marketing campaigns that provide a seamless, start-to-finish experience for your audience. From their first discovery of your company, to becoming repeat customers and brand advocates.

What clients are saying about their LUMINAITE experience

We succeed when our clients do. We're proud to share some kind words they've said about us.


I wasted a lot of time and money running in circles with another digital designer and ended up cutting my losses to go with LUMINAITE. After our first meetings, it became clear that they understood me better than I even could communicate. I LOVED the launch of my new website because they captured my branding so well. Co-creating this new space with this team has been the highlight of my days!

Lauren R.
Certified Life Coach

All I can say is WOW. They went out on a limb for us and proved that the impossible could happen. Our sales were flattening out and through a series of tests, LUMINAITE figured out the perfect promo and offer for us... they reactivated our dead mailing list and tripled foot traffic by geofencing, email and ad strategies. Now our social media is hopping like it never did and we are back to pre-COVID numbers. We were able to open a new location and are working on a PR campaign. I'd recommend them to anyone for great value nand execution.

Troy Y
Partner, Small Business
screen shot 2020-12-02 at 4.01.49 pm.png

LUMINAITE was incredible to work with. We loved how quickly they understood the direction we were wanting to go. It took little time and energy from me, because of their thorough research and ability to scale new initiatives. Creative... passionate... they'll take ownership of your project and go above and beyond, simply because they love what they do. Highly educated advice andup to date with the latest marketing trends. If you’re looking for experienced market insights, they will bring new ideas to the table!

Mackenzie B
National Nonprofit CoFounder

People like the LUMINAITE team, who go the extra mile to guide a project to success, are the most valuable and rare partners. I've had the pleasure of working with them on several projects and am always impressed by their ability to foster imagination and innovation. LUMINAITE comes with my highest recommendation.

Laura B.
Leadership & Development
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The fundraising and professional appeals that your team is able to turn around on a dime is something that's sorely needed by any organization who needs to stand out. I highly commend you for your work ethic, for your fast turnaround and just the quality of creative work and the intensity with which you approach your strategy. I know we have seen results. Your creativity and enthusiasm have helped us to connect with our audience in a huge way. I appreciate your heart, your work and dedication to our mission and cause.

Kenneth W.
Executive Director, Media Services

By their very fast and accurate work, LUMINAITE provided exceptional performance even in difficult circumstances. They are very creative and imaginative and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Pierre O.
Chief Marketing Officer, Healthcare

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