Agile Marketing Insights by Russ Shumaker, MA, MBA

  • Email Marketing: Why It Pays to Reconnect With Your Existing Customers
    Email is alive and thriving. Even though you have more ways of engaging with customers today than ever before, landing in their inbox remains one of the most effective. The key question: Whose inbox do you want to aim for?Do you want to attract new custome...
  • Why Even COVID-19 Shouldn’t Halt Your Marketing Spending

    Even during an economic struggle, businesses that spend on marketing during the pandemic are likely to find that the investment will pay off.

  • A Little Marketing Can Cook Up Wonders for Your Restaurant, Café, or Coffee Shop

    With focused online marketing and other creative strategies, owners of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops can keep business alive through the pandemic.

  • Adam Smith Would Have Loved the Internet—And Why That Matters to YOU
    The great moral philosopher Adam Smith was known as “the Father of Economics.” An astute observer of wealth and security, he believed the two greatest discoveries of all time were the discovery of America and the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope. What ma...