Frequently asked questions
What's an "Optimized Digital Pathway?"

In short, it's a streamlined, cost-effective attention-generating solution that's designed to meet your marketing needs with very specific, pre-built packages designed to hit specific business goals

EACH OPTIMIZED DIGITAL PATHWAY includes a strategic sequence of digital touchpoints to meet your customer as they move through your sales funnel—from awareness, to consideration to conversion to repeat transaction, with tactics to optimize moving to the next level.

WE WILL CREATE an optimal combination and sequence of ads, landing pages, embedded media (video or audio), backlinked content, emails, trackable forms, lead generation gifts, premium upsells and follow-up incentives to match your Key Performance Index goals.

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE of what an Optimized Digital Pathway might look like, depending on your goals, timeframe, and the content you have available.

Our Optimized Digital Pathways will take your site visitors through 4 stages in their buying journey. We start with the ONE focus you need most right now. Then, over the course of a 3 month "sprint," we create, test, and improve on ONE key metric until it's "optimized" at every point of the journey.

WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED A FULL 4-SPRINT RUN, you will have optimized each stage of your customer journey. After that, we continuously improve your system, with testing and refreshed content, for as long as you see results. In as little as ONE YEAR, you will have focused on and improved the FULL cycle of your customer journey from bare awareness to avid fan.

THAT ONE YEAR INVESTMENT WILL REAP DIVIDENDS OVER TIME. Because we start and end with YOUR goals and YOUR budget, you know these pre-built packages will work—and all the assets we create are yours forever.

  • What if I already have a website I like?

    You don't have to reinvent the wheel. We can use your site to draw content for campaigns, or layer a "microsite" or landing page to anchor new digital campaigns leading visitors right to you.

  • What if I'm unsure of which campaign I need?

    Our onboarding process will help you evaluate your needs, with 3 assessments to determine the path that will bring you the BEST results, for the business goals YOU seek.

    Whether you want more leads, more sales, higher revenues or repeat business, our agile workflows help you focus on ONE key area at a time, until each area is improved.

  • What are the sorts of marketing materials included in an ODP package?

    An ODP campaign presents an optimized sequence of customer touchpoints, which may include any of the following:

    Display Ads • Organic & paid social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest) • SEO audit and backlink boosting • Google Ads (PPC Display) • Email Appeals & Drip Funnels • Text Chat scripting & Chatbots • Interactive Quizzes, Surveys or Assessments • Dynamic Landing Pages • Professional Copywriting & Design (quoted by project) • Competitive SEO and Social Media Reporting

  • Why don't Paid Ads seem to work for me?

    It all comes down to being crystal clear on WHY you're creating the piece, executing it to move the visitor forward, and optimizing every step of the way. One weak point in the system could sabotage your best efforts. For example, you could have a stellar lead-generating social media campaign and high SEO ranking on search, but still lose customers when they get to your site—unless you plug the holes in your system.

  • How long does it take to launch?

    We can launch a microsite in as little as a week, and a campaign in a matter of days. Each campaign is designed to run over 3-month "sprints," during which each piece is refined to perform better with use.

  • How many "sprints" will I need?

    Each of our 4 Optimized Digital Pathways is designed to hit a different part of the visitor's stage in the conversion funnel. You can dedicate a whole year to hit all four stages, and then stay in "continuous quality improvement" thereafter.

    You may also wish to dedicate one or more quarterly sprints on a single stage—for example, lead generation (Capture ODP). It's up to you!

  • How much work will I have to do?

    We do a site audit and have you complete 3 targeted assessments upon onboarding. Then we'll take care of the rest! It's easy, affordable and conveniently done-for-you.

    Of course if you are under budget constraints, we have a DIY option and can talk you through the process, too. But this will require more time on your part.

  • What's the best way to get in touch?

    Feel free to connect via our CONTACT FORM. We'll be in touch shortly thereafter, typically within 24 hours. You can also leave a message at (323) 814-2288 anytime, or schedule a LIVE CHAT during weekdays, 9-5 Pacific, by clicking the purpose chat bubble at the bottom of this screen.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo and Square. We will also take checks from established clients; check with us if yuo have a question.

  • What makes LUMINAITE different?

    We're different from traditional mass media marketing agencies because we take a "Digital First" approach.

    With an integrated 360 approach, we focus on leveraging digital assets leads to find cost effective, innovative solutions. While prohibit to SMBs and SMEs in the past, this is all now possible through the automation, intimacy, responsiveness and agility of the digital channel.

    We also start with our client's data and business goals. We begin with the intent to measure performance, and all our decisions are based on improvement month over month.

    Finally, we take the time to listen to our clients and work toward their needs, using state-of-the art automation to help us do more with less.

    We take your business seriously, developing specific strategies to address your goals, and become like an extension of your in-house staff. We earn that trust with monthly check-ins and status reports.

    We can't wait to put our Agile marketing process to work for you, and you can count on us to deliver.