Why Personalize?

by Russ Shumaker

If you know your buyer Personas, the next logical step is to take it one step further and know their NAME. And beyond that, who they are as real, authentic people.

Think about it.

A data-driven approach to finding out who your customers are critical to in-depth connections. In fact, any attempts at personalization without this data will be a shot in the dark.

What if you had an accurate buyer's journey model, and data-driven methods to target consumers where they were at with personalized ads?

Let’s look at buying an electric vehicle.

The automotive consumer participates in over 900 digital interactions on the way to purchasing a new car.

Customer data will allow you to personalize digital ads using retargeting, email marketing, geo-fencing, SEO, and social.

Oh, and by the way, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they have personalized experiences with a brand.

People want to feel connected with what they buy; they want to feel something based on the brand image they perceive.

Give them that connection. Data makes it easy.