Streamline Your Processes

by Russ Shumaker

Leading with customer data and being customer-centric will streamline your processes.

Why? It’s quite simple.

If your company is trying to be customer-centric without actual data to make decisions on, what’s your North Star?

How do you decide what is a priority and what should be sidelined?

Say you’re trying to reach a market with a better than average probability of conversion. It would be important to know where your ads had the highest chance of reaching ready-to-buy consumers.

The digital channel offers granular detail of audience behavioral information that you can use to inform your marketing and advertising strategies.

Google Analytics. Facebook Insights. And a host of other apps and softwares make gathering and analysis easy.

Based on this information, you could make the informed decision to advertise on the best platform for your market, rather than on competitor platforms.

This instantly streamlines your decision making process, and also simplifies your operations—often it makes more sense to invest more ad budget into fewer platforms.

Double down on what works, and eliminate what doesn't.

This efficiency and ruthless curation consolidates your brand. It forces you to focus on key elements of differentiation — rather than watering down your unique attributes to try to appeal to a mass market.

All this means is, as you sift through your data, remember your goal is to cherry-pick the TOP and BEST avenues, for high performing campaigns.