Onboarding Assessments
Let's Begin Your Agile Marketing Journey!

WELCOME ABOARD! Today we will jumpstart our partnership by clarifying:

• WHO you are to your audience (your unique brand)

• WHY they seek you out over your competitors

• WHAT you will focus on this first campaign.

Take these THREE short quizzes and we'll show you how to turn these insights into actionable marketing strategies that bring results. You can take them at one sitting, or one at a time.

When you've completed all three, we'll create your personalized Customer Journey Map and Strategy Brief, to serve as a blueprint for all your highly targeted, results-driven campaigns.

    5 minutes

    12 carefully crafted questions effectively reveal the psychological triggers that connect your unique BRAND to your core audiences. Clarify and define what makes you special and different from your competitors.

    15 minutes

    Dive deep into your customer data to glean insights about what motivates your key audience, cue your best bets for timing and messaging, and explore possibilities for primed opportunities and events.

    15 minutes

    The key to agile marketing is to focus on improving ONE key business metric at a time (revenue, traffic, new leads, etc), according to what will make the MOST important impact right now.

    Think of it as building a foundation, getting it working exactly right, then building the next layer on top of it. We fix the gaps, get rid of what doesn't work, and leverage what does.

    Know what your best next steps are, with a proven methodology for Continuous Improvement that ensures your results only get better with time!