Let's Talk About Branding

by Russ Shumaker
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A brand is more than a label.

It’s a symbol, a marker, a totem that carries power. Brands evoke. They give birth to identity. They create feelings of safety, security, power, and familiarity.

Think of Nike. Apple. Coca-Cola. Ferragamo. Facebook. Even Walmart.

These brands weren’t built in a day.

Fans of the (excellent) podcast How I Built This will occasionally hear stories of innovative brands that were founded on the gut feelings of a brilliant entrepreneur.

But in reality, even when a spark of intuition was the key to initial success, long term, there is always a robust, data-driven marketing strategy working behind the scenes, built on a foundation of customer data.

So what does all this have to do with marketing?

It’s simple:

Branding connects with a customer at a primitive, unconscious level, swaying their decisions. You can help customers connect with your brand better, by helping them SEE your product, offer, mission or service as part of THEIR story.

People LOVE stories and connect readily to them—let their guard down—when they connect to a story about their journey of life, and the role YOU play in their lives.

But here’s the thing to remember—YOU are not the star of their story—THEY are.

You play a role—and it’s up to you to determine whether you’re going to be an inconsequential side character—or one that plays a significant role.

If you have a product, mission or service you believe in, you Can play a vital role. Marketing yourself in your authentic “brand archetype” will set off bells and help your audience relate to how your entry into their story can positively affect their situation.

Where do you fit in?

Brand archetypes represent one of many ways for companies to connect to their audience. With them, you can learn to appeal to customers’ emotions and desires.

That’s why we help our clients get clear on their branding: It offers valuable insight into the psychological reasons why customers will choose you OVER another brand—especially in a client marketplace.

Try it out now… take a quick 12-question BRAND ARCHETYPE quiz now. It can clarify how to best approach your client—so they connect with you intuitively before they accept what you’re offering.