A gift for you

Planning for Christmas and year-end giving are in full swing—could you use a digital boost to increase online or onsite attendance this year?
Hurry—our calendar is filling fast, offers disappearing SOON

2020 was a rough year.

A lot of churches and ministries have shut their doors. Some for good.

But not you... you're one of the fighters.

You didn't embark on this calling only to let a pandemic pull it under. Your heart, your vision, and your passion for making it through this season are commendable.

We want to help you land on your feet.

People need you, and Christmas 2020 promises to be one unlike any other. More people are depressed and lonely this time of year—and the ongoing lockdown only magnifies this.

To help you reach them, and spread the message of Christmas when its sorely needed, we're giving away these services as our way of saying THANKS for hanging in there, and making life in the pandemic bearable and sweeter for the rest of us!

One step further?

Now that you have a whole new way to reach others, you're set to go.

But how can you deploy them to your best advantage?

Advertising is expensive, but digital options to local audiences are SO affordable if you know how to use them.

What's why we've come up with a way to spend as little as $1 per day*, test the posts that attract the most people, then double-down on those to increase views.

You can use your existing ad or the one we just designed, to reach out to new people with a Mini Ad Spend.

We'll strategically place your post in high density local traffic hotspots.

Smart? Yes. Budget Conscience? Yes.
Strategically deployed for churches and nonprofits?