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Our network is constantly growing. We proactively build relationships with men and women who will be an asset to companies like yours. And we get to know what makes them tick—so that we can place them on teams where they will fit in and flourish.

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The average turnover and absentee rate for manufacturing in the U.S. is 37%. In heavy construction, the rate is 20.1%. As a comparison, the average across all industries is only 3.6%.

This high turnover rate hurts the bottom line, as the cost of turnover can be up to 20% of an employee's salary—$12,000 for an average employee in heavy construction. Plus, finding and training new employees impacts project deadlines.

Let us help you by leveraging our experts, our experience, and our network to find you highly qualified candidates with the right skills and certifications—and just as important—the right fit to stick around for the long haul.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Focus on Diversity in Your Hiring

1. A Diverse Workforce Makes You More Competitive for Contracts with Diversity Mandates

Diversity mandates are becoming increasingly important, from federal and state contracts, to membership in industry associations. While many of these mandates are currently difficult to enforce, the trends towards diversity in heavy manufacturing and construction are clear, and having a diverse workforce will make you more competitive for these contracts when strict enforcement begins.

2. A Diverse Workforce Performs Better

McKinsey reports that teams with diverse leadership are 33% more likely to outperform non-diverse teams. Diversity brings with it different perspectives that can inform and improve decision making, leading to increased production and profitability.

3. A Diverse Workforce Allows You to Hire the Right People for the Right Job

Focusing on diversity widens the candidate pool when filling positions, which can help you hire the most qualified workers. According to Gallup, when you remove bias from interviews and hire based on talent, it leads to 70% fewer safety incidents and 59% less turnover.

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2021 Stats You Should Know

40% of the construction workforce is 45 years of age or older and will be approaching retirement within the next 10 years.
-Association of General Contractors

80% of construction firms report they are having a hard time filling key positions.

857,000 construction jobs have been added since April 2020
-Bureau of Labor Statistics

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