Think you can't afford marketing? THINK AGAIN...
Can 2021 be your best year ever?

No doubt. 2020 was rough.

A lot of small and medium sized businesses have shut down. Many for good.

But not you... you're one of the fighters.

You didn't start this business only to let a pandemic pull it under. Your heart, your vision, and your passion for making it survive will get you through. And land you on your feet.

At Luminaite, we're on a mission to help our communities beat covid.

And here's how: We've severely discounted our services and created a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER for only $500.

Here's how you can put $500 to work to grow your business online

We uncovered the 3 TOP digital marketing solutions that small businesses need now—We've tested them, used them with real clients, and they have been proven to have the most impact for the least spend.

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More Sales
Want a proven way to increase revenue this month? Activate your existing customers with a 3-part EMAIL FUNNEL that will bring them in again and have them spending more.

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More Buzz
It glitters. It flirts. It flashes.. It not only dazzles the eye, but TARGETED ads get your followers and fan base to comment and share your content as micro-influencers in strategic SOCIAL MEDIA feeds!

More Customers
Capture new customers with a scintillating GEOFENCED DISPLAY AD sent to their mobile device, where they'll see it on their favorite apps for the next 30 days!




Your customers are your most valuable asset


Repeat customers convert more, and have a higher average spend than new customers


The pandemic has changed habits, but not taste (if they loved you before, they love you now)


Out of sight? Out of mind. Stay a vital part of their lives


Even a small sale/offer can be a powerful incentive

Now for a limited time
Take your pick, and impact results for just $500!

Imagine the possibilities—which one is right for you?

For companies with an established customer base and a large email list, the email campaign may be your best option. It's a way to get loyal customers to start spending again.

If you want to capture new customers, especially local customers, we'll use geofencing to target NEW people in your ideal customer demographic, putting an ad on their mobile device for 30 days whenever they enter the areas we target.

Or, if you have a large social media following, or want to grow your audience on social media, we'll design a scroll-stopping ad usable on both Facebook and Instagram.

Regardless of which option you choose, if you decide to upgrade to a full marketing campaign in the future, we'll apply the price of this $500 offer to your future campaign.

$500 gets you there!

What clients are saying

We succeed when our clients do. We're proud to share some kind words they've said about us.


I wasted a lot of time and money running in circles with another digital designer and ended up cutting my losses to go with LUMINAITE. After our first meeting, it became clear that they understood me better than I even could communicate. I LOVED the launch of my new website because they captured my branding so well.

Lauren R.
Certified Life Coach

All I can say is WOW. They proved that the impossible could happen. Our sales had flattened and through a series of tests, LUMINAITE figured out the perfect promo for us. They tripled foot traffic by geofencing, email and ad strategies. Now we're back to pre-COVID numbers and actually opened a new location. I'd recommend them to anyone for great value nand execution.

Troy Y.
Partner, Caje
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LUMINAITE was incredible to work with. We loved how quickly they understood the direction we were wanting to go. Creative... passionate... they'll take ownership of your project and go above and beyond, simply because they love what they do. If you’re looking for experienced market insights, they will bring new ideas to the table!

Mackenzie B
National Nonprofit CoFounder

People like LUMINAITE, who go the extra mile to guide a project to success, are the most valuable and rare partners. I've had the pleasure of working with them on several projects and am always impressed by their ability to foster imagination and innovation. LUMINAITE comes with my highest recommendation.

Laura B.
Leadership & Development
Recording a new podcast interview with CEOs and Founders of successful online businesses, Scale or Die. This show recently hit Apple's New and Noteworthy for business and technology categories. Watch or listen to the most recent episodes at useproof.com/scaleordie.

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The fundraising and professional appeals that your team is able to turn around on a dime is something that's sorely needed by any organization who needs to stand out. I highly commend you for your work ethic, for your fast turnaround and just the quality of creative work and the intensity with which you approach your strategy. It's given us great results.

Kenneth W.
Executive Director, Media Services

By their very fast and accurate work, LUMINAITE provided exceptional performance even in difficult circumstances. They are very creative and imaginative and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Pierre O.
CMO, Freeletics
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We're standing with businesses all around the nation to REVITALIZE their communities with the FUEL that keeps them going—revenue and hope.

We take care of your marketing
so you can take care of your customers


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We have a driving passion to make DIGITAL MARKETING work for all businesses who value results-driven strategies. Our founders have worked client-side as execs in corporate giants like Sony Pictures, marketers in health and wellness innovators like Health Net, and developers at global NGO organizations like World Vision.

Agency-side, we've created broadcast quality media for some of the biggest names in radio ministry. And we've honed our award-winning editorial work in prestige publications such as The Westlake Magazine, Westlake Malibu Lifestyle, Forbes, SFGate and more.

Put this diverse and trusted industry experience on speed-dial. We're ready to get started as your offsite marketing team!


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