Losing customers to COVID shut downs?

They used to be lined up out the door. Now they're shut in or restricted to six-feet-apart distancing. It's time for us to take a stand. You can bring a smile to their unmasked faces, a bit of sunshine into their days.

You can reach more customers online

Try these simple shifts and turn your website into a COVID-proof customer-attracting magnet for continuous gains—an unprecedented opportunity

Mobile customers are Showing up online in droves—Has your website been retooled to keep them engaged?

Grow your reach daily with awesome online experiences

Every day, people are searching for something you offer.

All day long, for an average of 3-4 hours a day, there is a tiny billboard in their home, purse, car, as they're running errands or relaxing. It's their mobile phone. Laptop. Tablet. New habits and opinions about brands are being formed daily.

Today's consumer is going online to do business in a whole new way.

We're going to make sure they find you, right when they're looking. And help you do it effectively, repeatedly, for the least amount of money needed to achieve your end goals.

You'll stand out from competitors with captivating messages and new offers designed to point people who'd love you to be drawn to you.

You'll connect to them with captivating stories about others like them, who love your product, service or mission SO MUCH that they'll rave about you and tell their friends.

You'll be well ahead of the game... because we'll show you how a little AI back-engineering can lead to automated process that serve your customers all day long as you tend to running your business.

It's a COVID-proof, restriction defying, revenue regenerating system that will make online sales easy and effective, and continue to serve your new audiences long after this pandemic is over.

How do you do this? Three simple ways:

We've researched and pre-tested the best, most optimal ways to find and reach your unique customers, using the insights we gather from your website.

1. Instead of playing catch-up with social media and SEO marketing, FREE yourself by deploying a proven, integrated 3-step strategy to get your website working as your 24/7 marketing arm.

2. You'll reap the benefit of time-saving, far-reaching AI-assisted technology—geofencing, lead-scoring, behavior-based targeting, and anonymous lead attribution. This allows you to do more with less, with better results—something you can't do when you're a one-person marketing team!

3. How much is a new customer worth to you? Set your budget according to your desired reach. In fact, by acting right now, you'll set up a synchronized system that will generate an ongoing pipeline of income for you. Evergreen. All year long.

We offer innovative local strategies you won't get with ANY other local firm:

- Geofencing: Target our neighborhood or a highly-trafficked venue like Costco, and get your ad seen for 30 days by anyone who crosses that perimeter

- Refreshable Landing Page: We can create a 4-seasons landing page all at once, and turn on and off specials all year long for a simple one-time investment

- Friendly Chatbot: We can refresh online experiences with an educational bot, who will ask the right questions and start conversations with your customers online

- Strategic Business Insights: We do a competitive analysis and actually help you finetune your brand and positioning, to make you stand out in a crowded field.

- Your brand, your content, your voice--amplified. We offer innovative ways to stay front of mind during COVID restrictions, using the images and content you already have.

Imagine Yourself 10 days from now!

  • Getting new customers will be easier than ever. You'll get the help and advice you need to maximize every dollar of ad-spend, in a way that better targets the people you want to serve.

  • You'll attract the kind of customers who'll talk about you, tell their friends, and build trust by word-of-mouth references that money can't buy.

  • It's recession-proof—you can reconfigure it NOW to keep generating a pipeline of demand for your unique brand of service.

      • BEST OF ALL, when your business is locked-down, you'll still have an ONLINE stream of customers lining up to get to you first.

      • WE WANT YOU TO COUNT ON US as your friendly, affordable offsite marketing team. When you win, we win!

Interested in recession-Proofing your business?

Book a quick 15-minute chat with the Luminaite Team. We don't sell... we listen.

Tell us what you're dealing with, and we'll explore the workarounds and opportunities with you. Let's find a way to start increasing revenue that fits within your budget.

Our clients have seen a steady, sustained increase in gains as they follow the plan we prescribe—even during this pandemic.

So what about you. Are you ready to make the leap?

<span class="display-font" style="color:inherit">Mobile customers are Showing up online in droves—Has your website been retooled to keep them engaged?</span>



outside the window


inside such splendor

Do you belong

among the lights

or will you stay

standing outside

then walk away

into the night





By the time it's over, all your competitors will be charging the gates, too. They'll be clamoring for your customer's dollars.

But they won't have won their heart and soul—that you'd been cultivating all winter long.

Make your move now. Send a request and you'll put the wheels in motion. Easy. Simple. Within budget. So... what are you waiting for?

win the digital marketing game with a team you trust.

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