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$25-$160 - Compelling Social Media Ad Design

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn—every platform has a unique audience and strategic angle that must be leveraged to be effective. Some do great with a simple visual display. Others are better with video or stories. We charge $25 for 4 optimized headlines, $50 for a set of 4 visuals, $50 for branding across platforms and $160 for post-to-article combination.

$300 - Professional Copywriting

When you can’t be there in person, you’re depending on well-crafted copy to grab attention and lead to a purchase or donation. Would you leave your sales that in the hands of a novice, or outsource them to another country where English isn't the first language? We use principles of neuropsychology to write long or short-form copy, press releases, web-copy or a suite of emails that we create from our own custom templates. To give you an idea of rates, $300 will provide 6 emails of 100-150 words each, distinguished by visually pleasing design and images. Or a blog-post of 300-350 words.

$100 - Topical Content Analysis & Calendar

Your content can be reused, recycled, refreshed and repurposed into multiple mini-posts. We’ll go page by page through your site and generate a list of topics that can be scheduled onto a year's worth of content for your e-mail, social media, or landing page campaigns. And $50 will get you a calendar and plan to follow during a one-year cycle.

$320 - AI-Enhanced SEO

SEO is included in our website packages. However, if you need standalone SEO service, take advantage of our AI-enhanced SEO package. We'll make sure your website works constantly to boost your organic reach and move you closer to page one in Search Engine Results Pages. Plus, we’ll send you a 26-page report card each month that includes competitor analysis, recommendations, and opportunities that can help you gain an advantage in your industry.


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